Click click! A photo tour of the Info Store…


Our entrance,
via the Norwich Building main reception



The issue, renewals and returns desk
you can borrow netbooks and laptops here too


PCs in the social networking zone

Magazines and journals
lift the shelves for old copies

The enquiry desk –
for everything library related!

Printers / copiers –
they can be a bit tricky, so feel free to ask for help…

Quick reads –
ideal for the bus journey home

The Wellbeing Zone  –
including careers resources to borrow


CDs, all free to borrow


Annexe 1 –
for PCs, study spaces and the Seminar room,
which you can book for presentation practice, just ask


The courtyard –
where you can eat and drink  –
it is much nicer in the summer!


The most popular aisle in the silent study area –
the DVDs at 791.43, all free to borrow


The online catalogue –
each room has one for you to search on

Binding machines –
for those finishing touches to your assignments


Annexe 2 –
includes more group space


Lobby to annexes
for the books to tall to fit on the main shelves

Last but not least…
The referencing bible!
Available to borrow at 371.30281PEA
or to buy from the issue desk



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