Library catalogue · Training

Lost in a maze of information?


          Information Store workshops,
          just drop in

          Every day from 17th – 31st January

          1pm – 2pm, Seminar Room

          Sessions tailored to your needs.

Sample sessions:

  • Getting going – Finding books and resources on the catalogue              
  • Moving on – An introduction to eJournals and eBooks
  • Missed it? Extra inductions available
  • UEA and You  – Accessing UEA resources (HE students only)
  • Google Boot Camp – Advanced Google searching, Google Books and Google Scholar Uncovering eBooks – Looking at our eBooks
  • Don’t get caught short! – Plagiarism and referencing, including Document It software
  • Unweaving the web – Evaluating and referencing websites
  • Advanced research skills for HE – Advanced searching, more in-depth look at eJournals

Can’t make it? Ask at the Enquiry Desk for more help or email


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