Setting up an Athens account

What is an Athens account?
Athens is a password manager system which provides access to a wide range of electronic resources such as journals and databases to which the CCN subscribes. Your personal Athens username includes a CCN prefix, identifying you as a CCN student or member of staff and allowing access to resources off campus.
In college you can access most electronic resources directly from links on Blackboard, without needing to log in to your Athens account.

How do I access electronic resources using Athens?
There is more than one way of accessing electronic resources using Athens:
1.      The Information Store link on Blackboard lists all the electronic resources that CCN subscribes to. You are able to see those resources which you can access using Athens as well as those requiring an alternative login. You can access these Blackboard pages from off campus.
2.      You can view and access CCN’s electronic resource subscriptions directly from the Athens website:
3.      When you access an electronic subscription on the internet you will be prompted to enter your Athens user name and password to access the information.
How do I set up my Athens account?
You must use a college computer to create your account**
·        Once logged onto the computer open Internet Explorer.
·        In the address box type
·        Click the “self-registration” option.
·        In the “login to Athens” box, type in the following boxes:
o       username:            ccninfostore2010
o       password:            2010@ccn
o       click the “login” button
·        Fill out the form with your details.
·        We recommend using your college computer user name as your Athens user name (maximum of 20 characters). NB. Athens will automatically prefix ccn to the username you use.
·        Your Athens password must be a mix of letters and numbers or other characters and be between 6 – 20 characters long.
·        The password is case sensitive, so if you use upper case initially you must always use upper case when entering your password.
·        The email address does not have to be your college one.  (Staff are recommended to use their college address).
·        Once you have completed the mandatory fields click the submit button once.
·        A message will state that your account has been created with immediate effect and you will get an automatic confirmation email sent to the email address you provided.
·        If there are any problems with the information you have entered, the system will take you back and indicate with a red * which fields you need to re-enter.
·        Your account will last one academic year and needs to be reset in the autumn term.
Remember you can also ask for help regarding any aspect of electronic resources:
o       at the Information Store Enquiries desk
o       or email
o       or phone 01603 773224.


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