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Accessing online articles via Infotrac

Need instant access to over 80,000 online articles, across all subject areas?

Infotrac contains over 11,500 journal titles, and over 6,500 are full text (i.e. you can read the whole article instantly).

It is easy to search, try it for yourself, or come to the Enquiry Desk for a demonstration.

(You’ll need an Athens password to use Infotrac from home, we can quickly set this up for you, or look at yesterday’s blogpost on how to create your own).

To access Infotrac, click this link, or

1. Go to Blackboard
2. Go to the Information Store link on the left (not the catalogue)
3. Click on the grey e-resources button
4. Scroll down to Infotrac, and click on the title 
5. Enter your Athens username and password (if off campus)
5. Select General One File to access articles

Tips on searching:

  • Try changing the “keyword” dropdown to “abstract” if you want to narrow your search results (“abstract” is the paragraph about the article).
  • Select from the AND, OR, NOT dropdowns to broaden or narrow your results. (AND narrows, OR broadens, NOT narrows).
  • Consider changing the publication dates.
  • Results – look under the “academic journals” tab for peer-reviewed (and therefore trustworthy) articles.

Please come to the Enquiry Desk in the Information Store if you would like help with any of this, we are more than happy to help!


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