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Temporary home

A huge welcome to new students,
and welcome back to returning students!

As you can see, we are busy getting the Information Store ready for you, and we will be opening our doors for you to see the changes on Monday 12th September.

When we open, you will see that a new Book Zone has been created, putting all of your books in one room, to make them easier to find. Also, this will no longer be a silent area, so you can talk as you  browse.

We will also be introducing self-issue machines, so you can issue, renew and return your items at two new terminals. We will also be on hand to guide you through this. The introduction of self-isse machines will mean that there will be more staff available to help you find resources.

We are very excited about these changes, and some more planned for the near future. Watch this space!

This week:
Thank you for bearing with us while we get these changes ready.

Availability this week:
                                     Mon              Tues              Weds            Thurs          Fri
Info. Store B             8.15-9am       8.15-9am      8.15-9am      8.15-9am    8.15-9am    
(1st floor)                     5-7pm            5-8pm           TBC               5-8pm          5-6pm

Open Access Area   9am-5pm      9am-5pm     Closed         9am-5pm    9am-5pm                      
(C30, 2nd floor)


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