HE survey

HE Survey 2011/12


We need you to tell us how your HE experience has been at the College in 2011/12.   

By anonymously completing a short questionnaire, we’ll get feedback on what we are doing well, what things you like and don’t like and what areas we could improve.  So please follow the instructions below to complete the survey between Monday 9th Jan and Friday 28th Jan.


Just follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Log on to the following link:  www.qdpservices.com/survey   (This link will also appear under the “My Announcements” section of the student home page on Blackboard.)


2. Enter:

· Your student number as the “login code” (the number on their ID badge. This is only so we can connect your responses up with your course, we will not be able to see your individual response)

· 18867 as the “survey code”

3. Complete the 23 questions and press “finish” (NB if you exit without pressing finish they will not have submitted any information.  If you do exit without pressing “finish”, you can re-start the survey and complete it by pressing “finish”)

You can only do the survey once, but we’d like everyone to give us their views.


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