One book can change a life – your chance to make a real difference!

Help us to make a difference by donating your unwanted books to Betterworld. You will be supporting education and literacy as well as keeping them out of landfill.

Please bring your books to the CCN Information Store and we will organise their collection by BetterWorldBooks – a global company that sells books online to fund literacy initiatives and which donates books worldwide.

Based on the 8,469 books which the CCN Information Store has sent to BetterWorldBooks so far, we have:

       Raised £ 279.48 for a literacy charity
–   Raised £1,988.05 for the Norwich-Dedza partnership, funding school and college scholarships.
–   Saved 135.5 trees
–   Saved 17 cubic metres of Landfill Space
–   Saved 302,360 litres of water
–   Saved 27,930 KwH of electricity
–   Saved 5.4Tons of greenhouse gasses

If you have any unwanted books at home, please bring them in to the Information Store!

Where does the money go?

Once BetterWorldBooks has covered their administrative costs, the proceeds from the book sales will be divided between two charities:  Norwich-Dedza Partnership and National Literacy Trust.

Norwich – Dedza Partnership is a charity that develops and supports practical links between Norwich, UK and Dedza in central Malawi. Projects undertaken so far have included educational  links, the promotion of tourism in Dedza, the sustainable development of a rock art site,  IT support and health promotion. 

For more information, please visit:



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