ProRetention training

Today’s training was on the new ProRetention software. Diane and I both went along to the Elab to find out more….

The software was explained to us as a package to help track student queries through various departments, using a customer relationship model. We can use the software to ensure that a student query is responded to quickly and effectively, and the student can also track the query online.

We had a “play” with the software, learning how to create a “ticket” for a query, how to forward a query on to another department, and how to close a ticket when the query has been resolved. Diane and I chatted about how this could work well with overdue queries, when we want to pass student queries on to Belinda or Denise. We would also need to be careful, as always, about the amount of detail we include on any mesage as the students have the right to see what has been written about them.

At the moment students don’t have access to this system while it is being trialled, but the idea is that a student can contact us via the software, perhaps as an alternative to ringing or emailing in. One clear benefit is that they do’t need to know the right email or phone number in order to raise a query – this should make life much easier for all concerned.

Thanks for reading!


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