Felix Baumgartner’s Magnificent Jump!

Yesterday Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil, broke 3 world records when he jumped out of a small pod 128’000 feet up teetering on the edge of space. He has unofficially broken the world record for smashing through the sound barrier without the aid of a vehicle, meaning that he travelled faster than the speed of sound during his free fall. He even had to wear a full spacesuit to protect him from the conditions at such an altitude!
Image Courtesy of the BBC

The original record was set by Joe Kittenger back in 1960, and he was the voice at mission control who guided Felix through his magnificent jump.

We have a few books in the library that Felix may have found useful to read before taking his massive leap, perhaps you might be the one breaking Felix’s record in 20 years time!

Extreme Skydiving

Why do some people want to go faster? What gives them that adrenaline rush? How do they push for that optimum speed? This book reveals all!

Shelved at 428.64

Extreme Sports

From snowboarding to mountain climbing, this book will give you a rundown on all the different kinds of extreme sports that are out there!

Shelved at 796.5

Surviving Stunts and Other Amazing Feats

Learn about the training and techniques that professional stuntmen use to keep themselves from getting seriously injured! Don’t try this at home!!

Shelved at 613.69

Or, perhaps you’d like to brush up on your knowledge of Earth, the atmosphere and beyond!

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate

A book i’m sure Felix would have found very useful before taking his jump, all you need to know about our atmosphere, why it’s important and what it does!

Shelved at 551.5

The Space Tourist’s Handbook

Ever wondered what space travel is like? Wonder no more and read this great book!

Shelved at 338.479119

Perhaps you might also like to check out our back catalogue of Guinness World Record books? You can find them in the book zone at 796.48.

If you need any help finding these books or ones similar, ask someone at the Information Store Issue Desk and they will happily help you learn more about sky diving and the science behind Felix’s incredible jump!


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