World Book Night

Countdown to World Book Night – Pt. 2!

Following on from last weeks post about World Book Night and the first book that we will be giving away copies of being revealed…its time to announce the second one!

Library Services Manager Sam Floyd has chosen the classic tale Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. If you are unfamiliar with the story its a fantastic, swashbuckling tale which was first published back in 1883. It follows the story of young Jim Hawkins, who lives with his parents in the local inn. One night a man named Billy Bones dies in the inn after being accosted with the dreaded Black Spot – an infamous Pirate curse. Feeling the need for action, Jim and his Mother break into Billy’s chest and steal a logbook and map therein. They soon learn that what they have stolen is of value as they discover they stole Billy’s treasure map where X marks the spot of the loot of renowned pirate Captain Flint. Jim and his friend Squire Trelawney immediately start out on an expedition to sail the seas and retreive the treasure. However, another pirate is on the trail of the map, the smooth talking and devious Long John Silver – and he manages to trick his way onto Jim’s ship…

The historical tale that ensues is full of mutiny, murder, treasure and adventure and makes for very entertaining reading which will keep you on your toes and eagerly turning the next page!

Here is why Sam chose this book:

Treasure Island was a book I greatly enjoyed as a child – it was excellent escapism with pirate adventure, treasure maps where “X” marks the spot, great characters and suspense.  I wanted to give other young people the opportunity to enjoy the original Pirates of the Caribbean!” 

Sam will be giving away her 20 copies of this heroic tale in the Information Store on April the 23rd. If it sounds like a book you might be interested in giving a go, then make sure you pop along to get yourself a copy! Absolutly free!

World Book Night has inspired all kinds of people to start reading and enjoying books, people all over the country will be giving away copies of their favourite books in their community. They have a blog on their website with some testimonies and information about their cause. You can visit it here:

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