World Book Night

Countdown to World Book Night – Pt. 3!

The final installment of our rundown of books being given away for World Book Night is upon us. But dont worry, there will be plenty of reminders around between now and April the 23rd!

The third book being given away in the Information Store is E.H. Gombrich’s A Little History of the World as chosen by Learning Resources Assistant Ellie Wilkin.

A Little History of the World is a non fiction book which does exactly as the title says, however, the one thing that makes this book different is that the author wrote it in 1935, so it doesn’t cover history from 1935 onwards. What it does do, is cleverly, concisely and clearly document the history of our world from the Neanderthals all the way through to the end of WWI. It is wonderfully written and its timelessness as historical non-fiction makes it an even more charming little book. The facts within will never change, the stories he tells are legendary and the history of our world reads almost like fiction.

Here is why Ellie chose this book:

“A Little History of the World is an informative and insightful book about the history of our little planet up until the first world war. Its easy to read and documents great moments in history like the Knights at the round table, the ancient Olympic games and the various revolutions that have torn countries apart. Each chapter is like a little story in itself, but my favourite chapter is the one about the Egyptians, there’s nothing like a good true tale about Mummification to keep your pages turning!”

World Book Night is only a few weeks away so spread the word and make sure you keep up to date with us on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and PINTEREST!

Don’t forget, make sure you are in the Information Store on the 23rd April to take part in this massive global event!


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