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Celebrate World Book Night All Week!

World Book Night may be over for another year but we will be celebrating all week! The book display near the issue desk is dedicated to lots of different World Book Night books to get your teeth into, including recommendations and books from last years event!

Here’s a brief selection of some of the WBN related books we have that are available to borrow:

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
This is another book by author Robert Louis Stevenson who’s novel Treasure Island was given away for this years event. The story is about a scientist, Mr. Hyde, who suffers a great misfortune when one of his experiments goes wrong and he creates a sinister alternate personality, Mr. Hyde’s murderous tendancies rapidly start to take hold of the timid Dr Jekyll. As well as being a peculiar and intriguing story, it also addresses the issue of split personality disorder, a genuine psychological problem. The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was recycled by Marvel and adapted into scientist Bruce Banner and his badly tempered alternate, Hulk.

Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontes classic follows the story of Heathcliff, a young boy adopted by the Earnshaw family who live in a run down old house, called Wuthering Heights. The book chronicles Heathcliff’s life and focusses on his various relationships, including  with the hateful son and the love struck daughter of the Earnshaw family. It is an intense read and examines life on the moors, where there is a signifcant class divide, a very complicated love triangle (probably a hexagon actually) and where catching a cold would have been enough to kill you. A classic story endlessly studied by students, literary scholars and lovers of classic fiction.  Recommended by World Book Night for fans of Damage by Josephine Hart.

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
From critically acclaimed author Jeanette Winterson whose novel Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? is featured in this years World Book Night. This story is about a young girl called Jeanette who has been adopted into an evangelical family who have chosen for her to become a missionary. She embraces religion and manages to convert several people to God, however, a meeting with another young girl changes her life forever, when love and sex start to play an ultimate part in her future. Many have argued that this book is autobiographical, Wintertson has said herself it is and it isn’t. Either way, its a fantastic story that will have you emotionally invested from start to finish!

Andy McNab continues the whirlwind life of ex-deinable operator Nick Stone in this installment of the series. Stone is body-guarding a TV crew on the streets of Basra when he comes face to face with a gunman. One of the reporters acts fast and saves his life, however, only a few hours later this reporter is missing and Stone is asked by the Intellegience Service to find him leading him on a deadly journey to Iraq, Kabul, Dublin and London where danger awaits him around every corner. A gripping and intense read from a former SAS Sergeant. McNab’s short story Last Night Another Soldier is one of the books being given away all over the world for this years event.

The Road
Comac McCarthy’s bleak novel about a father and son struggling for survival in a post-apocolyptic world was recently turned into a film starring Viggo Mortenson. The landsacpe is barron from whatever cataclysmic event has ravaged the planet and the population of Earth has dramatically plummeted. Many of the human survivors have resorted to cannibalism and the hopelessness surrounding the survival of the Father and Son acts a precursor to their potentially grim demise. A difficult yet poetic story that offers a bleak interpretation of the future of our planet from last years World Book Night event.  

These are just a handful of the amazing books on offer on the display by the issue desk, have a browse through some of the titles, there’s bound to be something that will take your interest!


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