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DVD Review – Star Trek (2009)

This week sees in the release of one of this summer’s most highly anticipated blockbusters. That’s right, Star Trek: Into Darkness is coming.  If you’ve been watching trailers of exploding spaceships and Benedict Cumberbatch looking menacing  and have been wondering what the fuss is all about, wonder no more and borrow the first Star Trek film right here from the Information Store!
You might want to read ahead first though…
Directed by J.J. Abrams, Star Trek is a visual masterpiece with an exciting story and relatable characters. The source material is vast, so it was always going to be a decent effort at re-launching it back into the moviesphere.  The television series has been dominating screens for decades and William Shatner has always been Captain Kirk in our hearts, but Star Trek offers something new, young, fresh and exciting to a franchise that has spawned eleven films, a vast fan base of ‘Trekkies’ and been the subject of many a sci-fi related argument for years. 
Chris Pine plays our heroic James T Kirk in this reimagining and while adopting mannerisms of Shatner he stills brings some fresh, cheese free imperturbability, revitalising dusty old Kirk into a good-looking and charming hero with a few bad boy tendencies. His story begins as he is being born while his father simultaneously crashes into a mysterious time-travelling vessel searching the galaxy for Spock, we spring forwards in time to see him getting into trouble with the law and causing fights in bars. Following one such dispute, Kirk is forbidden aboard the USS Enterprise as it takes the other cadets on a mission to help a suffering planet Vulcan. However, with some quick thinking from a fellow cadet, Kirk becomes sick and manages to wangle his way onto the ship with his ‘Doctor’. He is hurtled into an intergalactic warzone full of time travel, menacing over lords and Spock’s extended family.
Eric Bana plays the villainous Nero, a Romulan who is searching the galaxy for Spock and destroying anyone and anything that gets in his way including Spocks home planet. Similar in manner to a Pirate, the Romulan style is slightly unconventional, one of the many things that J.J Abrams adapted to bring the series up to date.  Bana is the perfect hero , he is menacing, wilful and full of vengeance which culminates in a classic battle between goodies and baddies the old fashioned way.
The next film sees home grown talent Benedict Cumberbatch playing the villain, Khan, who attacks the Starfleet from the inside and brings Kirk’s world crashing down around him. So far it has received incredible reviews and is set to smash the box office this weekend as Iron Man 3 did a few weeks ago. It’s a summer of big blockbusters and with Man of Steel still to be released, I think our wallets are going to be taking a bit of a hit!

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