Summer Hobbies and Activites

The summer holidays are upon us and maybe you are jetting off to a sunny beach, escaping to the mountains or just chilling out at home. Either way, there will no doubt be a couple of rainy days where you are stuck inside, twiddling your thumbs thinking ‘I wish I had a hobby’.

Our display this week is dedicated to hobbies and activities and there are loads of books to get your mind turning and heart pumping. Here are a handful of examples:

Paper Cutting by Laura Heyenga
Paper cutting has become a popular art form in the last few years, where artists skilfully cut stencil-like designs into paper. This book chaptered by different paper cutting artists, discusses how they got started, their techniques and what they have achieved while showcasing the immense intricacies of their work.

 The Complete Idiots Guide to Astronomy by Christopher De Pree & Alan Axelrod
Summer offers clear, crisp skies and warm nights which are perfect for practicing astronomy. This books gives you a complete run down of everything you need to know before gazing into the depths of space, including, guidance on locating planets and tips for using a telescope.


Low-Budget Shooting by Cyrill Harnischmacher

Fancy spending the summer making low budget movies with your friends? This book tells you how to shortcut your way around film equipment without spending thousands of pounds. Couple with our other book on the display ‘The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook’ you should be sauntering up the red carpet in no time!

Cooking with the Masterchef:  Michel Roux Jr.

Do you enjoy cooking? Following recipes? A challenge in the kitchen? This book written by Master Chef Michel Roux Jr. is full of great, gourmet recipes that aren’t easy to perfect, but will be certain to satisfy the taste buds. A fun summer project could be cooking through the recipes and starting a blog to present your findings – disasters and successes!

 Design & Make: Mixed Media Jewellery by Joanne Haywood
This book covers all kinds of areas of jewellery making, introducing you to the wide range of materials and techniques. The easy to follow illustrations are suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, whether you are starting out or developing your skills, this books is a great starter.

Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy
Gardening doesn’t have to be all weeding, mowing and planting, in fact, as demonstrated here by author Sharon Lovejoy,  there are lots of cool things you can do with a patch of soil or grass including making a ‘pizza patch’,’ moon garden’ or ‘medicine chest’ . She also offers basic gardening tips and tricks. The colourful layout and imaginative ideas make for fun reading and may even ignite a new found love for gardening!
All these books and more can be found on the display near the issue desk! Keep your eyes peeled for a few of these titles:
Simply Pottery
by Sarah Pearch
Printmaking on a Budget
by Mandy Bonnell & Stephen Mumberson
The Bicycle Book
By Bella Bathurst
The Complete Book of Running for Beginners
By Amby Burfoot
The Wagamama Cookbook
by Hugo Arnold

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