More Summer Reads!

Included on the display this week are a few more tantalising titles for you to sink your teeth into over the remaining summer weeks…

Salt by Jeremy Page
In 1945 a German airman falls from the sky and lands in a salt marsh in England. He is discovered by a woman who takes him into her home and after staying with her for nine months, leaves her with a new born child, Lil. Lil grows up and has a child of her own, Pip, who is determined to piece together his family’s strange and intriguing history all the while dealing with the dramas of his own life.

Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming
Sebastian Faulks picks up where Ian Fleming left off right in the midst of the Cold war, continuing the never ending James Bond saga. An Algerian drug runner is brutally murdered in the suburbs of Paris. Bond is assigned a new mission, to follow Dr Julius Gorner, a powerful pharmaceuticals expert who has a thing for legal and illegal opiates. As always, Bond is accompanied by a beautiful woman wielding a pistol and the two must work together to save the world from global catastrophe.

A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam

The story begins as a mother is throwing a party for her two children, she is happy with her life having raised a beautiful family and building a stable home for them. However, it is 1971 in East Pakistan and the country is on the brink of the Bangladeshi War on Independence, a fight that will dramatically change her family’s lives for ever. It’s a story of revolution, sacrifice, hope and love as one woman is pushed to the edge as she tries to keep her family safe.

 The Electric Michelangelo by Sarah Hall
Cy Parks is an artist who’s favoured medium is the human body. He abandons his mother’s seaside hotel which is crumbling to the ground and embarks on a new life in the vibrancy of Coney Island which is bursting with carnival decadence. He finds his muse in a beautiful woman who lends her body to him and his work, her soul is deep and rich and he plunges himself into the life surrounding this enigmatic young woman.

Blood Red Snow White by Marcus Sedgwick
Based on the true story of Arthur Ransome, this historical story is told as a fairy tale with Kings and Queens, Princesses and enchantresses as well as magic, wonder and the fantastical. The story is of a man accused of being a spy during the Russian Revolution, the story fictionalises the Bolsheviks rise to power and the controversies surrounding its leaders like the haemophiliac Alexei, Rasputin and the terrifying Lenin and Trotsky.
Further Reading in the Information Store
As well as the above listed books, we have many others on the display including some of our new DVD’s like Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook and the Twilight box set!

Come and have a browse! 

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