Student Survival!

On the main display this week are a wide range of books to help you during your time at City College. Whether you are a new or returning student, there is information on student finance and housing as well as useful cookery books, information on drugs and alcohol and guides on how to managestress and boost confidence!
101 Ways to Organise Your Life
by Deborah Underwood
Do you know how organising can improve your creativity? How to keep your family in line? How to be smart about studying?” This book will show you how in 101 ways. A great self helper!
Studying at University or College
by Suzanna O’Hara

Packed with easy to follow advice and written in a lively style, this practical book will show you how to avoid time wasting routes and help you achieve University success”

Moody to Mellow  
by Stephen Palmer and Christine Wilding
Your 100 step path to peace of mind will give you everything you need to transform your mind and mood forever. Offering tools, tips and techniques for identifying stress triggers and rediscovering a laid back life”
Brilliant Study Skills
by Bill Kirton
Brilliant Study Skills is an accessible, practical guide to the most important and essential study skills that and student needs to master to succeed on any university course.” This book offers so much help with important academic skills you will need to develop to get the most out of your course and maximise your final grade.
Student’s Veggie Cook Book
by Carolyn Humphries
All you need while you area away from home is a few pans, some scales, knives and a dish to put in the oven. With these, I will feed you well and save you pots of money. My recipes will feed three to four people. They work very well in a communal kitchen but when you do have to eat alone, everything keeps in the fridge to heat up for another time.”
Making the Most of Being a Student
by Judy Bastyra and Charles Bradley
“University if not just about studying for your degree: there are many other skills that you will need to master as well.”
This book offers help and advice with finances, personal wellbeing and health, decision making and how to study and live independently.
Managing Stress
by Terry Looker and Olga Gregson
Covering all the sources of stress, this fully updated edition of Managing Stress will help you feel calm and back in control. Featuring the latest on stress management techniques such as NLP and with up-to-date information on the benefits of physical and mental exercise, it offers both inspiration and practical advice”
Confidence: The Art of Getting Whatever You Want
by Rob Yeung
Confidence combines the best methods from cognitive behavioural therapy, sports psychology, neuro-liguistic programming, positive psychology and much more. Dr Rob Yeung, psychologists and coach, shows you how to challenge your fears, build your confidence and achieve your goals in life”
SMASHED: Growing Up a Drunk Girl
by Koren Zailckas
“The day Koren turned 14 she tasted alcohol for the first time. By the time she was fifteen, she was piecing together forgotten fragments of drink, men and misplaced clothes. And so it began”
A brutally honest account of author Koren’s first and last experiences with alcohol, starting at aged 14 and finishing at aged 22.
Student Housing and the Law
by Martin Davies and Graham Robson
“Keeping up to date with the law can be a nightmare. This book provides comprehensive and up-to-date information for all those involved in housing students, and advising them as to their housing rights, whether in private halls, traditional halls of residence, the private secotr or housing association properties”

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