Top 5 Books for Feeling Great!

In the Information Store this week we are displaying ‘Feel Good Books’ a display of resources designed to equip with the best knowledge we can offer on how to secure healthy emotional wellbeing.

Food for Fitness by Anita Bean

This book provides a plethora of information on the best foods to eat while trying to get fit. There are useful chapters on how to replace certain foods and still maintaining a balanced diet as well as information on the best foods to eat for certain kinds of exercise. There are also some excellent recipes to try at home!

Shelved at 613.2 BEA

Get up and do it! by B & J Colclough

This excellent self help books will help you achieve your goals by following some simple steps. It covers motivation, beliving in yourself, making plans and overcoming difficulties. It also addresses how to stay focussed and how to finish and achieve your goals.
Shelved at 361.06 COL

The Massage Manual by Fiona Harrold
This book provides step by step techniques for complete body treatment. The introductory chapters provide useful tips on preparations for massage including information on oils as well as covering the basi strokes. The rest of the book focuses on different areas of the body providing easy to follow images for safe massage practice.
Shelved at: 615.822HAR

So You Think You’re Mad? by Paul Hewitt
This book breaks down the steps to mental health in an honest, practical and easy to follow way. It then offers a review of the seven steps as they are all completed. He addresses recognising and identifying the problem, accepting the problem, tolerating and overcoming the problem as well as information on self esteem and motivation.
Shelved at 362.2HEW

Girls’ Guide to Feeling Fabulous by Barbara Sheen
This book coveres everything from healthy eating and fitness to setting and achieving realistic goals. It also provides useful information on sleep and the female body. With excellent factfiles, checklists and quizzes to help you learn, the colourful and informative book provides girls with all the information they need for healthy living.
Shelved at 613.0424SHE

Further Reading in the Information Store:

Check out our display of Feel Good Books by the Information Store issue desk. There are books on stress, happiness, yoga, fitness, healthy eating, feeling happy, anxiety, love and massages as well as a few sneaky DVD’s to make you laugh!

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