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Book Review – Dragonblood


We are currently well into the swing of Norwich’s Dragon Festival 2014, so this week’s book review is all about dragons.

Dragonblood by Michael Dahl (QUICK READS 741.5973) combines exciting stories with pictures, each short tale featuring a different person who discovers their destiny as a ‘dragonblooded’ human, often when they turn into a dragon to defend themselves or their friends! There are 17 books in the series and we have 12 in the Information Store Quick Reads section, so get stuck in. Each story is self-contained, so you don’t have to start at the beginning by any means.

If you like to read things in order, though, the first book in the series is Claws in the Snow, which is all about a boy called Will who is on a trip to visit relatives, but when a blizzard slows them down, he starts to see something in the snow. Something with claws and teeth…

Each book is about a different child discovering that the Age of Dragons is returning, and the whole series is filled with action and adventure. The titles are great too: my favourite title is Dragon Theft Auto, in which the hero, Henry, investigates a series of car thefts. However, things grow more complicated when he realises that the perpetrator might have wings and scales!

The series takes readers from America to the Middle East to the high seas, with adventures in blizzards, warzones and swamps.

Dragonblood is a fun, approachable series where the words are as much a part of the art as the pictures and the handy quiz, glossary and writing prompts at the end of each book (as well as fascinating dragon facts!) make it even more engaging.

If you liked the Dragonblood series…dragon festival

Try the book and film of How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell, an exciting story about a young Viking called Hiccup who befriends a dragon when he’s supposed to be training to kill it. The book is in the BOOK ZONE and in the QUICK READS section at 823.92 and the film is in the Lobby DVD area at 791.43.

Learn how to find, befriend and protect dragons from famed dragonologist Dr Ernest Drake with Dragonology (BOOK ZONE 398.232).

Read more tales of scaly winged beasts in Stories of Dragons (BOOK ZONE 398.232) and The Book of Dragons & Other Mythical Beasts (BOOK ZONE 398.232).

Find out more about the Dragon Festival 2014 here: Hurry though – it’s only on until the 23rd February!


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