Event – Norwich Fashion Week 2014

nfw-2014-logoFrom 6th – 13th March 2014, Norwich Fashion Week is celebrating Norwich’s fashion heritage, with events focusing on the rich range of vintage shops and local businesses as well as featuring local designers.

We have extensive sections on fashion, hair, make-up and the history of clothing at City College, so we thought we would highlight some of our favourite books for Norwich Fashion Week!

cultural history of fashion amazon

Read about the history of fashion in A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th and 21st Centuries: From Catwalk to Sidewalk by Bonnie English (BOOK ZONE 646.309). English outlines the history of fashion thematically and highlights influential figures and major movements in fashion. She also considers fashion as a global phenomenon rather than just focusing on any one country’s impact.

savage beautyTake inspiration from Alexander McQueen’s dramatic creation. We have a biography of McQueen, Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation by Kristin Knox, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s book to accompany their 2011 exhibition following the designer’s death, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton (both in the BOOK ZONE 746.92092). Both are full of stunning pictures of McQueen’s work and insight into his creative process, as well as information on his life, rise to international stardom and eventual tragic death.

in fashionIf you fancy giving fashion design a go or learning more about the process that goes into catwalk shows and photoshoots, have a look at In Fashion: From Runway to Retail by Annemarie Iverson (BOOK ZONE 746.92).

colour me confidentIf what you’re interested in is developing your personal style, understand your colouring and shape with Colour Me Confident by Veronique Henderson and Pat Hanshaw (BOOK ZONE 646.7042). The team from Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultants offer advice for a wide range of skin tones, body shapes and even eye and lip shapes! The advice is step-by-step and easy to read, designed to dress readers as they are rather than trying to change them, taking styles and preferences into account.

Find out more about Norwich Fashion Week here:


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