Creative writing workshop


Creative Catalyst 2014

A one day prose and poetry workshop – Sat June 7th 10am – 4pm


A one day workshop in the tranquil and inspirational setting of Meadow Cottage in the heart of the North Norfolk countryside. Fluid and fun, the aim is to produce an energetic flow of new ideas and ways of working. Participants will be encouraged to explore through exercises, reflection, word-play and imaginative writing. The aim is to produce a lively body of work that may lead on to future creative developments.


You will work with:

Amanda Addison is an artist and contemporary fiction writer. Her novel Laura’s Handmade Life, published by Little, Brown has been translated into German and Italian. She has an MA in Writing the Visual and wrote the first Access to HE Creative Writing course for Cambridge Access Validating Agency. Amanda enjoys exploring the creative links between visual art and creative writing and has recently received an Arts Council Award to develop her novel, Picasso, Cream Horns and Tulips for Alice.

Patricia Mullin is an experienced writer and fiction tutor. She has an MA Writing the Visual and Patricia is an associate lecturer at the University of East Anglia where she has created courses linked to the exhibitions at the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts. As an artist and designer Patricia enjoys experimenting with imagery and text. She is the author of Gene Genie and her latest short story The Sitting can be read in the Words and Women One Anthology, for which she was a prize winner.

Julia Webb is a, creative writing tutor, artist and award winning poet. She has an MA in Poetry from The University of East Anglia and has taught classes for SAW Trust, 4women, Writers’ Centre Norwich and Homegroup. Julia believes that writing has the power to change your life; she enjoys collage and experimenting with words and imagery. Julia has recently been shortlisted for The Poetry School/Pighog Pamphlet Competition.


Plan for the day:

10 -10.30pm                         Meet for coffee and introductions and split into three groups


Three small workshop groups with each of the tutors exploring aspects of writing the visual – groups will move in a carousel every 40 minutes

Amanda’s group                 Prose workshop in the studio

Patricia’s group                Characterisation in the conservatory

Julia’s group                       Poetry in the summerhouse


12.45-2pm Lunch               Please bring food to share. Soft drinks, juices and salad will be provided.


2pm                                        Sensory session/creative forage 20 mins. Explore the environment, reflect and/or write

2.30-3.20pm                         Extended work using ideas from your sensory session plus ideas from one of the morning workshops

3.20 – 4pm                           Afternoon tea and cake (orange and almond, raspberry and white chocolate muffins,

Chocolate fudge cake enjoyed in the meadow.) A chance to share writing and fill your creative intention jars, in an idyllic setting.


Booking information:

This enjoyable and uplifting day workshop is strictly limited to fifteen participants.

Cost: Early bird booking £55 your cheque must be received by May 17th. Thereafter £60 per person

Cheques are payable to: Patricia Mullin. Please post them to Meadow Cottage, 11 Webster’s Yard, Syderstone, Norfolk. PE31 8SJ


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