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Book Review: The shock of the fall

shockThe Shock of the Fall is the first novel written by a new and upcoming author Nathan Filer. Nathan Filer’s work has been broadcasted on TV and radio. The book won the Costa Book of the Year award in 2013.


The story is told by Matthew as he battles against a mental health illness – schizophrenia. He uses drawings, letters and different fonts to tell us about his battle with the illness. His life is moving forward as he writes about it. The main characters in the book are Matt’s Mum and Dad and his grandmother, Nanny Noo. The story starts with the death of Matt’s older brother Simon. Matt blames it on himself, he tells us through grief and guilt. His parents are still coping with the loss of Simon.


The story is heartbreaking but I love the way Simon weaves us through his life; he is telling us his story from his point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I would recommend this book to anyone; you won’t regret it, promise!


The Shock of the Fall is shelved at Norfolk House… 823.92 FIL


A similar book to get your teeth into:

The Bell Jar is shelved at both sites…823.91 PLA


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