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Phone Free Friday – tomorrow!

Ever freaked out when you left your house without your mobile? And, felt slightly panicky wondering just what you’re going to do with yourself all day? And, when you woke up today, was your mobile the first thing you checked? ‘Fess up. The fact is 84% of us* say we can’t go for a day without our phones.

Dare yourself to do the impossible.

Turn off your phone for a single day. Friday 20th June, 9am to 5pm.

Did you just… gulp?

* Time Magazine, 2012.

phone free

While we LOVE mobiles (we have a “Keep calm and text us” service) and tablets (did you know we have free wifi?), sometimes it is nice, even liberating, to put the gadgets down and just enjoy the moment, instead of tweeting it, uploading a photo of it, and texting your best friend all about it.

So tomorrow we’d love you to get behind this campaign from the Samaritans, and see if you can go without your mobile from 9am to 5pm. Better still, a donation of £4 pays for one call to the Samaritans, and it could be the call that saves someone’s life.

Will you go phone free on Friday??

NB If you are struggling with a mental health issue, please remember that the college has a friendly and supportive Wellbeing team, based at the back of the Information Store on the main campus.


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