Red Nose Day 2015! Face Painting! A Good Cause!

red nose dayWe know some of you wait with baited breath for our face painting events, and we like to please, so come to the Information Store entrance from 10.00-12.00 this Friday 13th March, donate £2 to charity and get your face painted. This year our brilliant face painter Avril is offering you the chance to ‘pick your nose’ and have your nose of choice from this year’s selection painted on your face for charity (no other kinds of nose-picking allowed, thanks)

rnd_landing_merchandise_footer_imageHave you bought your official red nose yet? This year’s designs include vampires, scientists, robbers and astronauts- but since they come in a silver bag, you won’t know which one you’ve picked until you open it! If you find one of the 12 special golden noses that have been hidden in random bags, you could win a ‘golden nose experience’ (we’re not sure what that is, but it sounds good!)

B-Mg6JAIIAAJBXsNoses still cost just £1, with 60p going directly to charity

Can you think of another way to make your face funny for money? If noses aren’t your thing, ask Avril for suggestions- some of her work is pictured here:

2015 Red Nose arm paint 22015 Red Nose arm paint 4

Remember, all this dressing up is for an important cause. The sillier you look, the better!



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