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Book Review: The Monsters Inside

Eleanor has read this QUICK READ as part of the Six Book Challenge. Remember to hand in your reading diaries for the Six Book Challenge in to the Information Store at Ipswich Road by the 19th June 2015. You’ll get a certificate and be entered into a prize draw!

For the Six Book Challenge, I challenged myself to read books entirely from the QUICK READS and EXPRESS FICTION sections of the Information Store. My fifth Six Book Challenge book is The Monsters Inside by Stephen Cole, a spin off novel from the popular BBC science fiction series, Doctor Who (QUICK READS DOCTOR WHO 823.91).

The theme of this year’s Six Book Challenge is ‘Read anything. Read anywhere.’ So far, my reading journey has taken me on a poetic journey around the world, into space and far beneath the planet’s surface with the Fantastic Four, flying through the sky with Airman and inside The Book That Ate My Brother. How can I top that? Well, how about a giant space prison made up of alien planets?

In The Monsters Inside, the Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler take a trip to an alien planet, but quickly discover that all is not as it seems. They are put in a prison the size of a solar system, without time off for good behaviour. Now, worlds apart, they have to try and get back to each other so they can escape, but there are sinister forces at work who quickly decide that Rose and the Doctor are too dangerous to keep around.

The Monsters Inside features the Ninth Doctor, played in the TV series by Christopher Eccleston
The Monsters Inside features the Ninth Doctor, played in the TV series by Christopher Eccleston

There are some familiar faces in The Monsters Inside, though they might not all be welcome – a popular Doctor Who baddie returns, and this time Rose and the Doctor are trapped with them inside a place designed to stop people from escaping. There are also plenty of new creatures and characters, some of whom turn out to be unexpected allies…or enemies.

As you’d expect from a Doctor Who adventure, there’s lots of thrills, excitement and even some horror to be had. Stephen Cole takes advantage of not having a CGI budget to make up some weird and wonderful aliens, and we get to see how Rose copes without the Doctor to save her. Of course, she remains feisty and resourceful – but for a teenager from London, it’s quite the challenge!

Even though it’s from an established universe, The Monsters Inside is a good place to start if you’ve always wanted to try Doctor Who, and it packs some commentary on the justice system and prisons in there too. Not bad for a series about an alien who flies around in a blue telephone box fighting monsters!

If you liked this…

We have a lot more spin off novels about Doctor Who and his adventures through time and space in our special Doctor Who section in QUICK READS (all the books have a ‘?’ on the spine!), as well as some classic Doctor Who on DVD in the DVD LOBBY at 791.456.

Explore other alien worlds with the whistling pink mouse aliens, The Clangers, fall in love with the adorable robot Wall-E and defend Earth against alien invasion in Monsters vs. Aliens (all found in the DVD LOBBY at 791.433). For a more mature and utterly hilarious alien invasion film, try Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks (DVD LOBBY 791.43), a love-letter to old science fiction B-Movies.

6 book challenge imageTo sign up for the Six Book Challenge, speak to staff in the Information Store or check out the blog post here for more information. Remember – hand your diaries in by the 19th of June to enter the prize draw!


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