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Finding information


Sometimes it’s difficult knowing where to start when you’re trying to put together an assignment. There’s so much information available that it’s easy to feel overloaded and overwhelmed. Which information can you trust? Which information is suitable for your assignments?

To make life easier for you, we have put together everything you need to know, available from our homepage within Blackboard. To access the homepage, go to:

Blackboard > Information Store (under ‘Useful links’ on the left) 

From the homepage, browse the pages from the different buttons (see below):

bb homepage 2015Search the catalogue

From here you can search CCN’s library catalogue, and we have included helpsheets on how to search the catalogue, and how to find books on the shelves using the shelfmark numbers.

You will also find links to UEA’s library catalogue, as well as the catalogues for Norfolk and Suffolk public libraries.

Subject resources

These pages give details about the journals and e-journals that we subscribe to, many of which won’t appear on a Google search because it is paid-for content. Choose your subject from the turquoise list, and then scroll down to see the resources available. We have also included a list of recommended websites which provide trustworthy information.


Databases = websites where you can search across many different online journals at once.

Journals = published frequently, often monthly, and can therefore be more up-to-date than books. Academic journals are often “peer-reviewed”, whereby all of the articles in the journal are checked by experts in that field before being published. This makes them ideal for using in your assignments.


We have over 1,000 eBooks, ideal for students who prefer to access digital information, or who need access off campus or when the Information Store is closed (e.g. in the middle of the night when the assignment is due in the next day!).

Our eBooks can be accessed from any PC, laptop or tablet. Have a look a the eBook button to find out how to access eBooks quickly and easily via the catalogue.

Study skills tutorials

For more detailed information, have a look at the “Finding information” and “Evaluating information” pages under the “Study skills tutorials” button.

If you would like any help on finding resources, please ask any member of staff.

Library Services Officers are also available for 1 to 1 appointments. 


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