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10 good reasons to use journal articles


10 good reasons to use journal articles:

(in no particular order)

  1. You can’t find a book on the subject you’re looking for
  2. It’s the middle of the night and the library’s closed
  3. You prefer digital resources to books
  4. Your tutor told you that you need to expand your research to include journals as well as books / websites
  5. Books aren’t up-to-date enough for your chosen subject area
  6. Books and websites aren’t going into enough detail for your assignment
  7. Books aren’t up-to-date (current) enough for your topic
  8. Research findings are often only published in full in journals – and then referred to in books
  9. Academic journals are trustworthy, articles will have been checked by subject experts before being published
  10. They can provide information you won’t find via a Google search. This is because we pay a  subscription to provide you with access.

How do I access journals at college?

Paper copies:

  1. To read paper copies of journals, have a look on the journal shelving in the Information Store or at Norfolk House Library. They are shelved in A to Z order by title.
  2. Older copies are stored under the shelves, simply lift the shelves up to see back copies.
  3. If the journal is available to borrow then it will have a “borrow me” sticker on the cover. You can always photocopy up to one article per journal.

Online journals:

The easiest way to access these is via the Blackboard homepage.

From the Blackboard homepage select “Information Store”, under Useful Links” on the left hand side of the page. You should now see the library homepage:

bb homepage 2015

  1. Click on the red “Subject resources” box. You will now see a list of subjects in a turquoise box.
  2. Select your subject.
  3. Scroll down to choose either a database or journal to read online. To open the link, click on the title of the database or journal. If you are off campus, you will probably be asked to enter your Athens username and password to prove that you are a CCN student.

NB Databases are websites that contain multiple journal titles which you can search simultaneously. Some databases, like EBSCOhost, contain thousands of articles. EBSCOhost is a great database to start with because it covers almost all subject areas. 

If you would like help finding journal articles, please ask at the library desk and we can arrange a one to one appointment for you with one of the Library Services Officers. 


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