Reading Resolutions

Reading Resolutions 2015 – how did we do?

In 2015, we decided to challenge ourselves with the most fun kind of resolutions: reading resolutions! So, how did we do?


Our original post on reading resolutions in 2015 is here, and we had a look at how we were doing halfway through here, but now the year is almost over and it’s time to celebrate our successes and consider our failures a learning experience!

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Pexels (2013)

“I did read 52 books, one for every week of the year. For 2016, I plan to once again read 52 books, one for every week of the year, and I found a challenge that I want to do as well.”

“The Six Book Challenge this year gave me a great opportunity to investigate our Quick Reads sections. It’s definitely an experience I’d repeat, and it was fun to push onwards with books rather than giving up when they got tough.”

Have a look in the Book Zone for plenty of options!

Read something different

“I did branch out and read some books out of my comfort zone (although I could have read a lot more) as well as a bunch of non-fiction.”

“I took part in the Brave New Reads scheme this year and I read books I never would have picked up otherwise! Not every one changed my life, but some were books I’m really glad I tried.”

Check out our regular displays and our New Books stand by the desk in the Information Store if you’re looking for some suggestions.

Get rid of as many books as you read

reading cactus.jpg
Klimkin (2015)

“Despite a house move, my books have all moved with me. However, I have managed to resist the siren call of new books for the most part, so that’s a starting point.”


If you’re having a New Year-New You clean out, remember that our Book Exchange program is a brilliant place to donate books, as anyone can come and pick them up for free.

Use the library more

“I think I said something about using the library more, and I have done that, both here and the millennium! So all in all, I was pretty good with my resolutions!”

“I’ve definitely done this, perhaps too much! Our local libraries are at risk from budget cuts right now, and the best way to show their value in our communities is to use them. Besides, it can sometimes lead to all sorts of new discoveries. I’ve found lots of books I didn’t know we had in the Information Store as well – enough to keep me reading for years!”

We’re always happy to help if you want to find something in the Information Store, so please come and ask us! We just love talking about books.

Read aloud

“My partner and I have got through four books this year together, and we have a list for which ones we’d like to try next! It’s loads of fun reading aloud, since I can do all kinds of silly voices and it gives me a chance to share books I care about with someone I love.”

We have a range of audiobooks, so if you want that authentic read-aloud experience, check them out.

Keep track of what you’ve read

Porembinski (2009)

“My Goodreads account is seeing a lot more action, and it’s quite exciting to learn how many books I actually read in a year. I’ve read two times the number of books I aimed for this year (24 books) so next year I think I’m going to challenge myself to read even more. It’s nice to look back over my year in books and remember the highs and lows of reading.”


Taking part in an event like the Six Book Challenge/Reading Ahead or making a resolution to read a certain number of books via our ‘Turn Over a New Leaf’ new year display is great motivation for keeping track!

Sometimes, it’s OK to just read…

“Time for reading might be sparse, but I’ve definitely made the most of it. I find that reading right before bed is fantastic as it chills me out before sleep, but I sometimes fall asleep with a book in my hands!”

We have a silent study area and a section of Quick Reads , so if you have some time between classes, chill out with a good book.

Get involved with World Book Night (23rd April 2015)

“Wow, yes! We definitely did this in 2015, with a fantastic day celebrating reading. Here’s looking forward to World Book Night 2016!”

What a great year! Here at the Information Store, we’re very excited that events like the Six Book Challenge (now called Reading Ahead) and World Book Night have brought so many readers into the library, and we’re really looking forward to doing more like them in the future.


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