Welcome to the Information Store! Part One

For those who are returning, welcome back, and for those who are here for the first time, hello! The Information Store is the place where you can find resources like books, journals and DVDs, as well as computer equipment with specialised software and friendly staff who can answer your questions.

welcome-sign-724689_960_720This year, for the first time, GEM (GCSE English and Maths) is in the Information Store, so come along and ask about GEM support.

We have lots of online resources as well – e-books, online journals, Cite Them Right online for referencing, and helpsheets on study skills. Browse our website here to find out more.

We also have an extensive collection of books and DVDs to support the courses run at CCN, including course texts, documentaries and a wide variety of fiction from Thomas Hardy to The Hunger Games. Make sure to check out our graphic novels and manga!

When you come into the Information Store, turn left and you’ll see…



…the Circulation Desk (with one of our friendly Library Assistants ready to help!) There will be a staff member here during working hours so you can ask about anything to do with the library, our resources and services.

Look out for Part Two of our guide to the Information Store, coming soon!


rebeck96 (2015) Welcome sign garden decoration [photograph] Accessible at: https://pixabay.com/en/welcome-sign-garden-decoration-724689/ (Accessed on: 08/09/16)


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