September 2016: Staff Profiles

The first few weeks of term can be confusing, but Information Store staff are always on hand to assist you. We can show you how to search for books, teach you how to reference your essays and help you find a quiet place to study. In this series of blog posts, our lovely staff members answer some bookish questions and prove that there is more to us than “SHHHH”!

Hi – I’m Amy and I’m one of the librarians. I love reading, particularly dystopian fiction (think Hunger Games) and psychological thrillers (like Gone Girl). I’m quite impatient with books, if I’m not enjoying it after the first chapter, I’ll probably give up on the book and try another – life is too short to read dull books, and there are so many great books out there waiting to be read!

My ideal reading nook would be somewhere cosy with a never ending supply of chocolate and cats!!

Who is your favourite comic book superhero?



What is your favourite book-to-screen adaptation?

The Hunger Games


Which book should be made into a film next? Which book should NEVER be made into a film?

The Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfield is a series of books set in a future where everyone is born ugly but undergo radical plastic surgery at the age of 16 to become Pretties and live a life of unadulterated happiness. The main character rebels against the surgery and we watch her try to overturn the system.  20th Century Fox bought the film rights in 2006, but there’s still no sign of a movie.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is about a young boy, a forgotten book, an author, and the devil. Carlos Ruiz Zafon was a screenwriter, and writes with so much detail that you can picture the scenes unfolding in the semi darkness. Half of me wants it made into a film because the book is so atmospheric, but I also think that someone else’s interpretation of the book might ruin it for me!


Which creature (magical or otherwise) would you like to have as a pet?

A cat

What form would your Daemon take?

A cat

What form would your Patronus take?

A cat!


Which book should have a sequel? Which book should NEVER get a sequel?

I like books that leave the ending open for you to decide what happens next, even if it is frustrating at the time! (e.g. Gone Girl)


Would you rather be a dwarf, an elf, or a hobbit?

I’d love to be an elf for the day – gliding around and being tall, beautiful and enigmatic. But I think I’d get bored quickly so then I’d like to be a Hobbit as they seem really jolly (except when they have to go on quests to save the world…)


Has a book ever made you cry?

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (the film made me cry too). It’s a story about a ten year old girl living in Nazi and a Jewish man who teaches her to read. The story is narrated by Death – it’s heart wrenching!


What do you think should be the ‘next big thing’ in YA lit?

I’m more than happy for YA lit to carry on with dystopian fiction, I love it!

Pick one: Invisibility Cloak, Elder Wand, Philosopher’s Stone

None – I think they’d all get me into trouble!


What is the scariest book you have ever read?

IT by Stephen King, my Mum used to read bits to me and scare me stupid!


Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into? What about Ilvermorny?

Hufflepuff, it sounds really cosy.


What kind of magic do you wish you could have?

All of them so that I could pick and choose!

Which superpower would you pick?

I’d love to be able to travel anywhere instantaneously, does that count as a superpower? It’s quite a selfish one, I just hate travelling!

Where is your favourite place to read?

On the bus because I’m undisturbed and don’t feel like I should be doing something else. I just have to remember to get off at my stop!


Paper or e-books?

I was sceptical about ebooks for a very long time, but now that I have a Kindle, I love it. I no longer have to lug loads of books on holiday, and I can read one handed when I have a pile of cats on my lap!


What is your favourite book that no-one else seems to have heard of?

Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilmore. It’s set on an island where for generations there have only been women (they can reproduce without men). The island is discovered by three men, each with their own stereotypes of how women should be. The island has a lot to teach them, and the book challenges the reader to question many aspects of the patriarchal society we live in.

Do you prefer to read the book before watching the movie, or watch the movie before reading the book?

Always the book first, so that I can picture what’s happening for myself. Once I’ve seen the movie, I only ever picture the movie in my mind…



Keep reading Between the Lines for more staff profiles, book and DVD reviews and news about the latest literary events in Norfolk and beyond.



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