Welcome to the Information Store Website!

We’ve introduced our resources and physical spaces in posts over the last couple of weeks (see Welcome to the Information Store Part One and Part Two), but we also have a fantastic website filled with useful information. Find it here! (You may need to log in if you’re accessing it off-campus.)

Our website has this handy grid so you can find what you need as quickly as possible, plus our contact details at the bottom and links to our social media sites (like this one!)


From here, you can:

Search the catalogue – this takes you to our online catalogue, where you can search for books and DVDs, find links to eBooks and renew items you have on loan.

Find subject resources – this shows you the journals and databases we have access to, divided up by subject area or in one big list.

Learn more about eBooks – ever wondered how to access eBooks via our catalogue? This handy guide walks you through it.

Check out our study skills tutorials – we have helpful guides on everything from reading lists to writing assignments and preparing for exams.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions – the same questions come up over and over again, so why not see whether this solves any mysteries for you?

Download helpsheets – there are some great interactive tutorials here too, so you can put what you’re learning into practice as you go.

Get a grip on Referencing – referencing is tough when you’re new to it, but we’ve got links to Cite Them Right Online, an excellent referencing tool, and plenty of great advice on what counts as paraphrasing and what counts as plagiarism.

Go straight to EBSCO – no fuss, no unnecessary clicking, just straight through to this fantastic tool for searching a wide range of resources.

Discover the resources available for our HE Students – this goes into the kind of skills you’ll need to study at HE level in a bit more detail, as well as introducing you to Norfolk House Library, our HE study area, and the UEA’s resources.

We hope you’ll explore our website and discover how much there is available from the Information Store!


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