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Free Books at the Book Exchange!

PIC Book exchange selfie.pngThe Information Store isn’t just about borrowing books and DVDs – we also have a lively Book Exchange, where people donate books and we give them away for free. It’s a great place to drop off books when you clear your shelves, and they’ll find a home with someone else!

“Free books! Where??”

We have a display of free books in the Information Store, managed by Avril and Donna – ask a member of the library staff to point you in the right direction. Maybe you’ll find your next favourite book there, and it’s a fantastic way to try something that you might not have picked up before.

Did you know that we also have a Book Exchange in the Library at Norfolk House?

“But they’re free, right? No obligation?”

Absolutely free! Every book has been kindly donated by people who want to spread the joy of reading. We suggest that once you’ve finished a book from the Book Exchange, you pass it on to someone else or return it book to the Book Exchange. However, there’s no obligation to do this, just bear us in mind next time you’re having a clear out.

PIC 3 Book exchange“I have more books than I know what to do with, help!”

Feel free to drop your books off at the Information Store desk at Ipswich Road or the Library at Norfolk House during our opening hours (see our website for details). We’d love to help your books find a new home. If you’d like to learn more, you can ask one of our helpful staff members at either of our libraries.

“There was nothing I liked in the Book Exchange last time I looked!”

It’s well worth checking again, as we often change what’s on display often. One of the big advantages of the Book Exchange is that you never know what you’re going to find there. It can throw you outside your comfort zone, challenge you to try something new, and revive your reading with an eye-catching cover or a great blurb.

“This is a great idea. How can I help?”

Spread the word! The book exchange only works if people donate books and take an item they’d like to read.

And of course, come and browse our books when you’re looking for your next read!

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