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National Geographic

As part of my Reading Ahead Challenge this year, I decided to try and read far-ranging stories about fantastical worlds or just places I’d never been – but for my fifth read I also decided to take advantage of the fact that we have some amazing journals in the Information Store and at Norfolk House.… Continue reading National Geographic

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Best of BBC3

If you always watch TV shows on demand, you might not notice that BBC3 has switched from digital TV to online only. The 300,000 people who signed a petition to keep the channel on TV will presumably miss their late-night Family Guy binges, as many of the American series shown on BBC3 have moved to… Continue reading Best of BBC3

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*Thousands of journals in one place*

Have you tried EBSCOhost yet, our new database of 1000s of journal articles? Simply go to: Blackboard homepage Information Store (find us under ‘useful links’ on the left) Subject Resources Select your subject Select EBSCOhost – you can now search thousands of journals, all at once! Here’s a video tutorial to get you started… Advertisements

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10 good reasons to use journal articles

10 good reasons to use journal articles: (in no particular order) You can’t find a book on the subject you’re looking for It’s the middle of the night and the library’s closed You prefer digital resources to books Your tutor told you that you need to expand your research to include journals as well as books… Continue reading 10 good reasons to use journal articles


Interested in Social Care?

Are you studying towards a career in Social Work or Social Care? gives you exclusive online access to 10 social care journals – articles that you won’t be able to access for free via Google! To read an article, click the title of the article, and then click the red pdf icon to read… Continue reading Interested in Social Care?

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You said, we did…

We have rearranged the magazines and journals into A-Z order by title after receiving feedback that arranging them by subject area was making them harder to find. Magazine and journal titles beginning with “A” are on the shelves nearest the comfy seating, titles at the end of the alphabet are at the end nearest the… Continue reading You said, we did…