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This is Halloween ’17: Literary style icons

We’re calling it now: this year’s most popular Halloween costumes will be 1. Pennywise the Clown and 2. Offred from The Handmaid’s Tale. Halloween parties are often filled with folks dressed up as characters from popular film and tv adaptations, like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones (we’re totally stealing that Patronus idea!) But how… Continue reading This is Halloween ’17: Literary style icons

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This is Halloween ’17: Drive-in movies and monsters

Did you know that cinemas used to market horror films to couples? It may have something to do with strict rules about physical contact and teenage courtship…you might have found it hard to steal a kiss from your sweetheart in the daylight, but once the blood starts flying on-screen, they might feel more inclined to… Continue reading This is Halloween ’17: Drive-in movies and monsters


This is Halloween ’17: Short Scares

From October 1st, we dedicate this blog to our favourite autumnal event: Halloween! These short horror stories are perfect for reading out loud at a Halloween sleepover. Turn out the lights, grab some sweet treats and put on your best spooky voice…your friends will be fully freaked out in just a few pages! Everyone knows… Continue reading This is Halloween ’17: Short Scares

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Book Review: Some Assembly Required

Transgender issues are at the forefront of much debate at the moment, with the recent ban on trans people serving in the American military and the question of how access can best be provided to bathroom facilities for trans and non-gender-conforming people with the so-called ‘bathroom bills’ finding significant pushback from voters in America. Meanwhile,… Continue reading Book Review: Some Assembly Required

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Noirwich Festival 2017

The Noirwich Crime Writing Festival is taking place this weekend! On Saturday, Anthony Horowitz will take the stage at Norwich Arts Centre to talk about his latest book The Word is Murder, in which Horowitz himself teams up with a down-on-his-luck Detective to try and figure out who killed a wealthy woman with a saddening… Continue reading Noirwich Festival 2017


On location: films made in Norfolk

Do you experience deja-vu in the Norfolk countryside- that eerie feeling like you’ve been here before? Cities, fields and landmarks around Norfolk are often used as film and TV locations by directors- it’s much easier to turn the Sainsbury’s Centre into Tony Stark’s new office with a little CGI than build a whole new set… Continue reading On location: films made in Norfolk