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Book Review: Little Brother

Cory Doctorow is known as much for his digital rights campaigning as for his fiction, and the two often go hand in hand: Doctorow is one of the best chroniclers of the many facets of digital culture and new media around. His novels address remix and mashup cultures, MMORPGs and ARGs, digital rights, creative commons… Continue reading Book Review: Little Brother

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A Short History of Dystopian Fiction in 9 Books

The final film of the Hunger Games series (adapted from the books by Suzanne Collins) is out now, and we’re celebrating dystopian literature and film in the Information Store. A ‘dystopia’ is a setting in which elements such as governmental control, religious fanaticism or ideologies have been imposed on society with the claim of making… Continue reading A Short History of Dystopian Fiction in 9 Books

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Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

International Women’s Day is celebrated as a national holiday across the world, from Cuba, China, Uganda and Afghanistan to Vietnam, Mongolia and Russia. The theme this year is Make It Happen, but the aim of IWD- to shine light on the injustices and inequalities that women face worldwide- is unchanged, sadly, since 1907. Margaret Atwood’s The… Continue reading Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

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Book review: Bloodtide

As the winter nights get longer and colder, people throughout history have gathered to tell stories. Bloodtide (EXPRESS FICTION 823.910) is a retelling of the bloodthirsty Volsunga Saga, which was written in Iceland sometime in the 13th century. Melvin Burgess has transported its heroine, Signy Volson, to a futuristic London where gangs maintain a shaky peace with the… Continue reading Book review: Bloodtide