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DVD Review: Duck Soup (1933)

Everyone’s heard of the Marx Brothers – even if you don’t know them by name, you’ve seen Groucho glasses with moustache and nose attached, you’ve heard quotes from their films or you’ve watched comedians that were heavily influenced by the Marx Brothers’ zany style of comedy. The Marx Brothers were known for their quick delivery,… Continue reading DVD Review: Duck Soup (1933)

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Book Review: The Horrible Histories Series

We’ve reviewed a book from the Horrible Histories series before, Frightful First War for Remembrance Day, but with the Horrible Histories show at the Theatre Royal next week (Wednesday 22nd April-Sunday 26th April), we’re going to talk about some of our favourite books from the series! For more than 20 years, Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories series… Continue reading Book Review: The Horrible Histories Series

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Book Review: Wish You Were Here (And I Wasn’t)

Eleanor has read this QUICK READ as part of the Six Book Challenge. For the Six Book Challenge, I challenged myself to read books entirely from the QUICK READS and EXPRESS FICTION sections of the Information Store. My first Six Book Challenge book is Wish You Were Here (And I Wasn’t): A Book of Poems and… Continue reading Book Review: Wish You Were Here (And I Wasn’t)